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Save up to 60% by comparing International Moving Companies

An international move involves a lot of effort. By using our free service to gather multiple quotes from qualified international moving companies, you can certainly ease the worry about how you need to tackle this difficult task and save up to 60% on your international move or relocation.



By using our free service you can certainly ease and save up to 60% on your international move or relocation.



We provide a free service that will assist you in finding an international mover that offers the exact services you require for an optimal price.



A Moving Company saves you a lot of time,do the heavy lifting and know the best way to ship your goods!

Specialized International Moving Services

International Shipping

International Shipping can be fulfilled in three different ways: by air, by sea and by land. Depending on your destination and the delivery requirements, you can opt for one of these methods. Here you find an explanation of the different shipping methods.

Best Moving Cost

When moving internationally, there are so many costs you have to keep in mind. Often your new residence is far away and overseas. You have to pack your household and personal goods carefully. Besides the costs for the international moving company, you should also be aware of the extra costs when moving overseas.

Moving for expats

Moving overseas for expats can be challenging. New sights. Foreign language. Interesting food. But then, the questions from your family and friends start, and soon you are overwhelmed in an avalanche of unknowns. This is especially true for what to take with you and what to leave behind.

International relocation

International relocations can be complex. When you have to arrange an international relocation, it can be easy to feel completely overwhelmed by everything that you need to do. The relocation services on offer by the international relocation companies that list on, is a sure way of avoiding many of the unwanted difficulties.


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